Tax implications for postdocs on fellowships

In last council meeting a very important point regarding taxation implications for postdocs on fellowships was made regarding benefits such as health insurance premiums being taxable. It was also brought up that this is something not conveyed to postdocs prior to joining Stanford/receiving fellowship.

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Help Us Advocate for Affordable Housing

One of this year’s priorities for SURPAS is to advocate for accessible and affordable housing for every postdoc at Stanford. That’s why we’re conducting an Anonymous Housing Survey. Your feedback is vital in helping us push for better housing options tailored to the needs of postdocs at Stanford.

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Be the next SURPAS Co-chair

🌟 Seeking a New Co-Chair for SURPAS! 🌟 Are you prepared to embrace a role that will both challenge and cultivate your leadership abilities?

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Call for Abstract Submission for Postdoc Symposium 2024

Stanford Postdoctoral Symposium 2024 is happening on March 21, 2024 please register here. To showcase your groundbreaking research, we are inviting you to submit abstracts by the deadline of February 21, 2024, and share your work with the wider scientific community.

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OPA-sponsored Conference Travel Awards

Are you a Stanford Postdoc planning to attend a conference/annual meeting in 2023?Are you interested in supporting #postdocrecruitment and campus #DEI efforts?Great, we suggest applying for the StanfordOPA Postdoc Travel Award!For more info, please visit.

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