Reimbursement Instructions

    1. Buy your meal (either in person, online, takeout, groceries, DoorDash, etc) and keep your ITEMIZED RECEIPT.
    2. Watch this 10-min training: Submitting Documentation and Initiating a Reimbursement in GrantEd  – STARS Code: SSE-1001).
    3. Take a picture of your receipt to submit it for reimbursement on GrantEd (
      • Please make sure you have a receipt with itemized items, not only a credit card statement or email confirmation.
      • Acceptable formats are: jpg, png, or pdf files. *heic files (iphone) need to be converted.
    4. Please write a descriptive line in GrantEd, e.g, Reimbursement for SURPAS XXXX event lunch on XX/XX/2022.
    5. The date of the receipt has to match the event date.
    6. If the receipt is over the cap of that event (usually at $15), please mention that it is a partial reimbursement for $15 in the description and put $15 as the reimbursement amount (not the amount on the receipt).
    7. You will receive your reimbursement as a direct deposit in your bank account within a week or 2. No banking information is needed as GrantEd is linked with your SUNet ID.

Note: For council meeting, you have to attend at least half of the council meeting to qualify for reimbursement.

Please reach out to our Financial Officer ( if you need more guidance for the reimbursement.