Take the IDEAL Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey

Dear Postdocs,

TL;DR – Please complete the IDEAL Survey sent by Provost Drell. High participation from postdocs is really important to ensure our needs are well-represented.

We recognize you may have already completed other DEI Survey. The IDEAL survey  will likely be the only one considered by the University administration. Please fill this one!

We would like to encourage each of you to respond to the IDEAL survey circulated earlier this week. Please look for an email sent to you by Provost Persis Drell from ideal_deisurvey@stanford.edu on Tuesday May 11th for your unique survey link and more information about the survey.

This university wide climate survey is a long awaited response to requests by trainees for many years, including in the Juneteenth open letter shared by Black students and postdocs last year. The results from this survey will inform the University’s actions to improve equity and social justice. This is an important opportunity to make the postdoc voice heard and keep pressure on the administration to recognize areas of need and make effective change. To protect anonymity, the survey team will not share results broken down by very small groups of respondents. Therefore, if we want to be able to view grouped results, it is extra important that we ensure a high number of responses. There is also a $10 gift/charity donation voucher available for everyone who completes the survey (not linked to your responses).

We acknowledge that completing this survey may be an uncomfortable or re-traumatizing experience for some people. You do not have to complete all questions, you can take breaks as needed, and there are support resources shared throughout the survey. You can also reach out to SURPAS leadership or your fellow postdocs for support at any time through our email, social media and slack channels.

We thank all of you for your participation and we hope the results of this survey will help us to continue advocating for a most equitable and just environment at Stanford for all current and future postdocs.