Much Deserved Recognitions for Postdoctoral Scholars

Hello postdocs,

We have some great news to share!!

Stanford Medicine’s Critical Consciousness and Anti-Oppressive Praxis Certificate Program (CCC&AOP) co-founded by Deb Karhson (former SBPA Co-President) and Jesse Isaacman (former SURPAS Co-Chair), and carried on by Eamon Byrne (current postdoc, former SURPAS CEL) have each received a 2021 President’s Award for Excellence Through Diversity. Stanford established the awards in 2009 to honor individuals and programs that have made exceptional contributions to enhancing and supporting diversity within the university community. CCC&AOP was awarded “for preparing students and postdoctoral scholars with the necessary skills to navigate their lives and careers from a position of knowledge, empathy and justice.”

Also, Bradley Tolar (longstanding leader of the LGBTQ+ Postdoc Group, SURPAS JEDI Committee, and formed SURPAS FO, Stanford Earth recruiter, Postdoc advisory committee, Geokids) and Cherie DeVore (URGE pod, Indigenous Frameworks event, DEI student/postdoc working group) was awarded the School of Earth DEI Special Recognition for “long-term contribution to inclusion and equity”. More details here, Link

Big congratulations to all!