Empathy Project

TL; DR– Please consider signing up for the empathy project and sharing your experiences before and/or at Stanford!

Do you want to help address the mental health crisis at Stanford?

Do you want to display the diversity of the Stanford community to current and prospective students?

Do you want to share your story in a friendly, intentional format?

If any of this resonates with you, please consider signing up to be interviewed for The Empathy Project, a collaborative effort from ASSU and BioAIMS.

The goal of The Empathy Project is simple: to share student stories of overcoming struggles, either here at Stanford or on the path to get here, in the hopes of promoting solidarity, empathy, and wellness. By sharing your experiences, you can show other members of our community that they aren’t alone in the difficulties they face, and share how you are currently doing. If you’d like to learn more, check out the Daily article written about the project.

We’re looking to do audio interviews with members of the Stanford community at all stages (undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs, faculty, etc.). Being interviewed takes <2 hours and we’re happy to work with your schedule! We are also happy to share your interview anonymously if you’d rather not have your name posted.

If you’re interested in being interviewed, please fill out our Empathy Project Interviewee Form!

Please feel free to reach out to any of us at suempathyproject@gmail.com if you have questions, concerns, or want to learn more about the project!