We invite you to join our SURPAS leadership team!!

Leadership experience

Joining the SURPAS leadership team is a wonderful opportunity not only to hone leadership and communication skills but also to learn more about the academic system. We will have the elections during our June Council meeting. Consider nominating yourself for one or more leadership positions. 🌟You can nominate yourself here 🌟

*New listing* SoM diversity cabinet postdoc rep: Your job is to attend SoM diversity cabinet monthly meetings and create visibility for postdocs by speaking up and interacting with members of the cabinet, when appropriate. The postdoc representative should take notes and report back to the SURPAS leadership team after every meeting. In addition, the rep will attend SoM Diversity cabinet – trainee group, every other month or as necessary to have an opportunity to check in and voice concerns directly to the Cabinet’s leaders. Time commitment: ~1-2 hour/week.

Co-Chair: As Co-Chair of SURPAS, you and your Co-Chair counterpart are responsible for representing all postdocs at SURPAS meetings, meetings with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Faculty Senate meetings, etc. You also organize and lead the council meetings. To accomplish this, you work closely with the SURPAS leadership team and council, and it’s your job to ensure operations run smoothly and the teams are working well. Time commitment: 3-5h/week.

Advocacy Coordinator: In many ways, the advocacy coordinator is a connector position, creating bridges within the council and leadership team, as well as between postdocs and the University at large. This translates to staying up to date with issues postdocs are facing, as well as with the new initiatives and plans around the university. Along with the co-chairs, the advocacy coordinator works closely with the OPA, VPGE and other offices around campus to ensure that postdoc voices are represented and taken into account. As part of this effort, the advocacy coordinator also oversees the activity of the SURPAS committees, with help from the rest of the leadership board. Time commitment: 2-4h/week

Events Coordinator: You will be in charge to coordinate all the committees/associations’ events and maintain the common calendar. You will be the point of contact if they need help in the organization of an event and the liaison with the OPA or other institution for bigger events. It is a great opportunity to meet a lot of people at Stanford or even other universities and you get a chance to participate at the leadership meeting where you will learn a lot about what is going on at Stanford! Time commitment: 1-2 hrs most weeks; 20hrs + during NPAW (one week per year only)

Communications Director: As Communications Officer, you will be point person for all communication within the SURPAS council, and from SURPAS to the general postdoctoral population. You will oversee 3 active listserves and a slack channel, by subscribing new postdocs and tending to moderator requests. You will also be the virtual voice of SURPAS, drafting and formatting email announcements about upcoming meetings and events, and responding to general inquiries. If you are quick of wit, and nimble of fingers… this job is for you! Time commitment: 2-3 hrs/week

Financial Officer: The Financial Officer is familiar with accounting procedures and policies, keeps all financial records of SURPAS, prepares an annual budget, advises members on financial matters and proceeds payments or reimbursements. Time commitment: 1-2 hrs most weeks; can be more if big events are happening like NPAW or a symposium.

Social Media Manager: The Social Media Manager and Webmaster oversees SURPAS’ online presence. Managing our online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and website, your role is to keep SURPAS’ activities and achievements readily accessible to both individuals at Stanford as well as those across the US and the world, and to provide a friendly and welcoming first point of contact for new arrivals to Stanford. Experience with managing social media is not required, nor is any coding experience. Time commitment: 2-4 hours/week

Operations Manager: Your job is to run the internal operations of SURPAS smoothly. You schedule the council meetings, set the agenda for them in consultation with co-chairs and rest of the leadership, take minutes, keep track of meeting attendance. You also keep track of election cycles of each council member, plan and run elections for council members seats and leadership seats (including recruiting new interested postdocs), maintain records of council and committee members. You are also in charge of communicating the above items to the council members. Time commitment: ~1-2 hour/week (flexible)