OPEN Positions with SURPAS

Leadership experience

It’s that time of year again when we are looking for new Leadership members! If you are interested, please fill in the google form and contact Leadership for any questions that you may have. This is a great opportunity to get more involved in SURPAS-related activities and to develop your leadership skills! See the description of the positions below. Elections will happen during our January council meeting.Co-Chair: As Co-Chair of SURPAS, you and your Co-Chair counterpart are responsible for representing all postdocs at SURPAS meetings, meetings with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Faculty Senate meetings, etc. You also organize and lead the council meetings. To accomplish this, you work closely with the SURPAS leadership team and council, and it’s your job to ensure operations run smoothly, and the teams are working well. Time commitment: 3-5h/week.Advocacy Coordinator (for 6 months – until June 2023): In many ways, the advocacy coordinator is a connector position, creating bridges within the council and leadership team, as well as between postdocs and the University at large. This translates to staying up to date with issues postdocs are facing, as well as with the new initiatives and plans around the university. Along with the co-chairs, the advocacy coordinator works closely with the OPA, VPGE and other offices around campus to ensure that postdoc voices are represented and taken into account. As part of this effort, the advocacy coordinator also oversees the activity of the SURPAS committees, with help from the rest of the leadership board. Time commitment: 2-4h/week.Community Engagement Liaison: The Liaison helps make resources of SURPAS available to all Stanford Postdocs. The Liaison works with Postdocs interested in working with SURPAS as a sponsor or mentor to help them meet all applicable rules and regulations. Time commitment: 2-4h/week.Sign up: Here