How Is SURPAS Organized / Run?

How Is SURPAS Organized / Run?

SURPAS OrganizationBy postdocs. For postdocs.

All Stanford Postdocs are members of SURPAS and can choose to participate as actively as they wish. Our events, programs and advocacy activities are coordinated by a core Leadership Team, supported by a larger SURPAS Council. Additionally, postdocs with specific interests can be involved in one or more of our postdoc affinity groups or committees, which greatly extend the programming power of SURPAS.

The SURPAS Council

SURPAS council is made up of regular postdoc volunteers to organize events and committees. Council meetings are held once a month to raise issues, discuss, and brainstorm together, as well as to socialize and meet with fellow postdoctoral colleagues. Any SURPAS member can attend a council meeting to observe or participate in discussions on agenda items.

To join council, a SURPAS member must attend one council meeting and be nominated (you can nominate yourself), and current council members will vote on new members. New council members are initiated at the next council meeting.

Council meetings are generally on the last Thursday of the month (with occasional exceptions, e.g., holidays), and include a free lunch! Check the events calendar to check on the location of the next meeting.

SURPAS Bylaws can be viewed here. Past meeting minutes can be viewed here.