SURPAS Leadership 2017-2018

Anand Rao
Stanford CAP Profile


Anand is currently a postdoc in Creed Stary’s lab in the Department of Anesthesiology. He received his Ph.D. from Drexel University.

Lise Retailleau
Stanford CAP Profile


Lise is a postdoc in Geophysics. She received her Ph.D. from Institut de physique due globe de Paris.

Ioana Marin

Advocacy Coordinator

Ioana is a postdoc working with Dr. Carla Shatz. Originally from Romania, she is a graduate of Lafayette College (Easton, PA) and received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Virginia. In science, her dream is to be able to integrate research from different areas to understand how the brain works. In life, she believes one can achieve many things by just showing up and asking. As advocacy coordinator, she tries to make people realize that postdocs are the future of academia and investing in their potential is super duper important.

Virginie Gabel

Events Coordinator

Virginie received her Master degree in Neurosciences at the University of Strasbourg (France) and her PhD in Neurosciences at the University of Basel (Switzerland). She is now a Postdoctoral fellow in Jamie Zeitzer’s lab at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Since her PhD, she conducts studies about the effect of light on human behavior and sleep. More specifically, she is now studying the use of a dawn simulation as a passive countermeasure to postural hypotension in healthy older adults. Beside her research, she likes to travel and meet new people. As the new Events Coordinator, she hopes to bring postdoc together through different events, make they meet each other and create a good atmosphere to work in.

Sharon Greenblum

Communications Director

Sharon is currently a postdoc in Dmitri Petrov’s lab in the Department of Biology. Her work focuses on understanding the genome-scale dynamics of large populations during rapid adaptation to natural environmental change. Originally from Washington DC, Sharon has a background in biomedical engineering and got her PhD in Genome Science from the University of Washington. Now, she’s moved on down the coast in search of that perfect balance of sun and science. As a SURPAS co-chair, Sharon is particularly excited about finding ways to create a stronger and more sustainable sense of postdoc community

Saumyaa Saumyaa

Operations Manager

Saumyaa is a postdoc in John Sunwoo’s Lab and works in the field of Immunology. Her current research interests are studying natural killer cells in tumor micro-environment and studying sex-based differences in immune cell subsets. She did her PhD in Immunology from Uniformed Services University, MD, studying T follicular helper cells. She believes that a well-connected postdoc community will lead to a more enriching postdoc experience both professionally and personally and tries to work towards this through SURPAS.

Gina Bouchard


Gina is currently a postdoc in Sylvia Plevritis’ lab in the department of Radiology. Her work focuses on the role of the tumor microenvironment in metabolic reprogramming of cancer cells. Gina is originally from Québec, Canada and has a PhD in radiation sciences and biomedical imaging from the University of Sherbrooke. She left her cold hometown to learn more about big data analysis and enjoy California outdoors. Gina is convinced that the postdoctoral experience should be all about passionate science and enjoyable years, building your future scientific network. By being a member of the SURPAS leadership team, she wants to help making this experience amazing for every Stanford postdoc.

Daniel Joyce

Social Media Director

Daniel is passionate about the interactions between light and human health, and came to Stanford to work in Circadian Neuroscience to develop a sleep mask to counteract jetlag.  While obtaining his PhD in Vision Science from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, he held a number of positions representing the student body to Faculty and the University.  As the new SURPAS Social Media Chair, Daniel is passionate about dialoguing with postdocs to understand (and help overcome) the variety of challenges we face, as well as building a sense of community both in and out of the University setting.

Brian Griffiths


Brian is a postdoc in Creed Stary’s lab in the Department of Anesthesiology. He got his PhD in Developmental and Brain Sciences from UMass Boston studying the role of glucocortiocoid receptors on the expression of transposable elements. He now works on uncovering the epigenetic changes in the brain following stroke. Brian is happy to be back in California and doesn’t miss the Boston snow at all. He joined SURPAS council to become webmaster, because an organization without a current webpage might as well not even bother.