The Stanford Black Postdoc Association

The Stanford Black Postdoc Association (SBPA) is a vibrant community of the Black postdocs, across all disciplines, at Stanford University. Our mission is to create and hold a space of recognition for the diverse members of the Stanford postdoc community, provide infrastructure for professional networking, and promote increased diversity and inclusion in all academic and industrial postdoctoral activities.

SBPA Mission Goals

1) informing members on available research and professional development opportunities (i.e., conferences, workshops/seminars, grants/fellowships, #scicomm, and outreach activities)

2) increasing the visibility of the cutting-edge research performed by SBPA members

3) building and supporting communities for marginalized trainees

4) promoting the inclusion and engagement of diversity/under-represented minority/marginalized trainees across the Academy and Industry; and

5) acting as thought and initiative leaders (at local and national levels) on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and critical consciousness.

Colloquially, SBPA follows two guiding principles; the first, as stated by Beyoncé, “Slay InFormation” (artistic license taken), and the second, as stated by Dr. Mae C. Jemison, “Never be limited by other people’s limited imagination.

Co-president: Cellas Hayes  and Colwyn Headley

Financial Chair: Sabin Nettles

Events Coordinator: Jordan Moore

Community Engagement Liason: Sonia Onyeka

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Previous members

Shaneice Mitchell (Co-Chair)

Allison Hester (Co-Chair)