Postdocs Read: Open Social Event (PR: OSE) Club October Event

Hello Postdocs,

Are you looking to read, meet new people, discuss books, and relax?

Join the newly formed Postdocs Read: Open Social Event (PR: OSE) book club!

Our next PR: OSE Book Club will be next week!

WHEN: Thursday, October 6th, at 8 pmWHERE: Outside The Treehouse, on the side near the Arbor (Tressidor Union)WHAT: Read Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut and show up to the meeting to discuss your thoughts, make friends, and relax!WHO: All Postdocs who love to read for fun!Please remember to keep your receipt if you purchase the book so you can be partially reimbursed ($5), as SPIF funding through SURPAS is generously supporting this club.

Further information can be found by joining our slack channel, prose-book-club, which can be found under the General SURPAS Chat workspace, and by joining our email listserv at this link.Hope to see you there!