Better Ally series 11th episode


Announcing the eleventh episode of the “Better Ally” series* on Thursday March 17th 1-2:30pm!

The theme for our March event is:intersectional feminism.

We will start with a discussion of the need for intersectional feminism, based on Audre Lorde’s essay “Age, Race, Class, and Sex- Women Redefining Difference” and this article on Imposter Syndrome. We will then move on to discuss what it means to be an ally to this community. We will work in small groups to identify where/how you could be implementing changes in your personal and professional spaces, and develop written allyship accountability and action plans.

If you’d like to attend on Thursday March 17th at 1-2:30pm, please RSVP here for Zoom link.

We also recommend you check out these background resources before the session (not required, just somewhere to start if you’re new to the topic): link.

-Seungsoo, Stephanie, Meghan, and Leeya