Better Ally Series: How to be a better ally to the Undocumented Community

Better Ally

We are excited to announce the sixth episode of the “Better Ally” series* on Thursday July 8th 12-1:30pm!

 The theme for our July event is: How to be a better ally to the Undocumented Community.

Discussion Readings Materials :

  1. What Does It Mean To Be A ‘Nation Of Immigrants’?

  2. Reclamation of My Rights as an (Un)documented Person

  1. UndocuAlly Training

Background Readings (not required, just somewhere to start if you’re new to the topic):

  1. All about the DREAM Act 2021 |

  2. As thousands of immigrants become American citizens this Fourth of July weekend, a look back at the history of exclusion in United States naturalization law

  3. Key facts about U.S. immigration policies and Biden’s proposed changes

We will work in small groups to identify where/how you could be implementing changes in your personal and professional spaces, and develop written allyship accountability and action plans.

If you’d like to attend on Thursday, July 8th at 12pm, please RSVP here for zoom link.

* Stemming out of the “Someone Like Me” mentoring program, we developed “Better Ally” with a goal to empower trainees at Stanford with the skills and knowledge to have brave conversations for effective allyship to members of marginalized groups. In the current iteration, we will focus on one marginalized group per month, and have a structured conversation around a specific context.