One-day Entrepreneurship Orientation Workshop

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Let’s Start-up, Postdocs!

(One-day Entrepreneurship Orientation Workshop for PostDocs | June 24,2022)

Who says PostDocs need to be in labs and classrooms only?  Some of them enter board rooms and run businesses! Do you think you can start up a business or have an idea that you really want to work on? But still, concerned about how to start up?  Or are you just wondering if your ideas are worthy of starting up? Whichever mode you are, it’s good to understand more about entrepreneurship as a career opportunity and get inspired!

Come join this one-day orientation program for Stanford PostDocs! This one-day workshop funded by SPIF includes inspirational sessions, group activities, information about start-up support at Stanford and most importantly, loads of fun!

Sign up right away. Seats are limited to 20 and please fill-up the form asap!  Includes Lunch. More details of the speakers and workshop will be shared with the signed-up participants. Let’s Start-up, PostDocs!

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