Postdocs Read: Open Social Event (PR:OSE) book club: February 6th

Hello Postdocs,

Are you looking to read, meet new people, discuss books, and relax?

Join the newly formed Postdocs Read: Open Social Event (PR: OSE) book club!

Book: Read The Grapes of Wrath by California native John Steinbeck and show up to the meeting to discuss your thoughts, make friends, and relax!

Time: February 6th, 8pm

Location: TBD based on weather.

Who: All Postdocs who love to read for fun!

For those looking for more to read in the meantime, Brian Green forwarded along a short story to share with the group: “Here’s a link to a short story I read a couple months ago that provides an interesting modern echo of the story of migrant farm workers in the Central Valley.”