ReproducibiliTea Open Science and Research Culture Journal Club Launch Event

Brought to you by Stanford Program on Research Rigor and Reproducibility (SPORR)How much do you trust published research findings? How can you make your own research open and best navigate the incentive structure in academia?

ReproducibiliTea is an international community of journal clubs dedicated to advancing Open Science and improving academic research culture. Each of the over 100 ReproducibiliTea Journal Clubs operates independently and selects articles and presentations to discuss that are most relevant to their membership. Students and Postdocs from any research discipline can participate.Join the inaugural Stanford University branch of the ReproducibiliTea Journal Club on October 26th!WHAT: ReproducibiliTea Journal Club

WHEN: Wednesday, Oct 26, 4-5 PM, RSVP here

WHERE: Alway Building #M112

WHO: All Postdocs