SLM “Common Ground” luncheon


Are you passionate about inclusive mentorship? SURPAS and BioAIMS have partnered to develop the Someone Like Me (SLM) mentorship program to support senior graduate students and postdocs, especially those from marginalized backgrounds or interested in building an inclusive academic community (more info about SLM below and here). Join our SLM “Common Ground” luncheon Monday, February 28! We will hold activities to engage postdocs and senior graduate students over lunch. Lunch will be provided for all attendees. This week’s conversation will focus on PI/Supervisor Relationships.

What: 2022 SLM luncheon
When: February 28th 12:00-1:00 pm
Where: LKSC Herb Garden


About the SLM Program:
While much guided mentorship occurs during our early graduate career, the final years of graduate school and postdoc time lack structured guidance, relying on personal networks and a few mentors to help us find our career and life path. This lack of resources and guidance often leave us feeling isolated and confused. SLM aims to build a community where we fill these needs, through sharing our experiences (e.g., backgrounds, passions, life trajectories), resources (e.g., grant/fellowship applications, teaching/mentoring tips & opportunities, advices on careers and the forever-confusing Stanford Bureaucracy), and ideas (e.g., new DEI efforts, outreach). Our dream is that everyone, across all career stages and backgrounds, feels supported and belonged to science. Your presence is essential to SLM, as each of us constitutes and adds to the Stanford community. SLM is funded through the Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Fund (DIF) through Stanford VPGE. For any concerns please contact