SLPA brings to you the January edition of Pro Seminars

If you are interested in hearing why global change, including the loss of nature’s biodiversity, is not only impacting the beauty of our planet but has strong implications for human wellbeing, including the avoidance of future pandemics, please join us in El Centro Chicano and Latino on Monday, January 30 @11:30 to enjoy pizza, refreshments networking and a great talk with Dr. Rodolfo Dirzo (Talk starts @noon), a Stanford professor from the department of Biology and Earth Systems.WHAT: Pro seminars “special edition Professor Rodolfo Dirzo presentation.”

WHERE: Centro Chicano y Latino

WHEN: Monday, January 30 @11:30am, RSVP here

WHO: All postdocsProfessor Rodolfo Dirzo will explain how: in order to investigate cause-effect relationships, ecologists can use “traditional” randomized, replicated experiments. To examine the effects of increasing wildlife decline on human zoonotic disease risks, Professor Rodolfo and his group have manipulated megafauna in an African savanna. They show that biodiversity conservation, including wildlife, can be critical for human well-being.These seminar series are brought to you by SLPA, DIF funds, OPA, and El Centro Chicano y Latino Stanford.