SLPA brings to you the next PRO-SEMINAR series!

Want to learn how with the use of the immunopanning techniques, scientists can selectively isolate and culture glial cells from mouse brains, and how they explore the mechanisms that regulate myelin-forming glia?
If yes, please join us in El Centro Chicano and Latino Next Monday, December 12, at 11:30  AM to enjoy pizza, refreshments, networking, and a great talk with Dr. Daniela Rojo Capitanio (starting at noon), a Stanford postdoc from the Department of Psychiatry.
Daniela’s research focuses on studying mechanisms underlying the dynamic nature of myelinating glia in the brain to develop novel therapeutic strategies for diseases of the nervous system that involve aberrant myelination. In the Gibson lab, Daniela’s work focuses on how the circadian clock system regulates glial function to better understand diseases of the nervous system in which both circadian/sleep and glial dysfunction are prominent, such as multiple sclerosis. She specifically studies how the circadian factor BMAL1 regulates the homeodynamic nature of oligodendroglial lineage cells and myelination and its contributions to the maintenance of the systems-level homeostatic processes of sleep.
WHAT: Pro seminars “Determining the role of circadian transcriptional control in myelin-forming precursor cells”
WHERE: Centro Chicano y Latino
WHEN: Monday, December 12th @11:30am
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These seminar series are brought to you by SLPA, DIF funds, OPA and El Centro Chicano y Latino Stanford