Social Committee Meeting


Please join us for the upcoming Social Committee Meeting on Thursday, May 19 at 12-1 PM over Zoom. Please RSVP here.

Do you need a break from the lab?
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Do you love attending Parties, Outings, BBQs, Happy Hours, Hikes, and more?
Do you have a social event in mind that Stanford Postdocs would love?
Are you looking to meet other postdocs and build a community at Stanford?
Join the SURPAS Social Committee!
The SURPAS Social Committee will be having it’s first meeting on Thursday, May 19th from 12-1pm. The mission of the SURPAS Social Committee is to bring together Postdocs across the Stanford community and provide fun, engaging, relaxing events to help break up the stress of being a postdoc.
We are starting to brainstorm social events for the rest of 2022 and we need your help!
Join us on Thursday, May 19th at 12pm as we discuss:
– Building community through social events at Stanford
– The upcoming calendar of social events for Summer 2022
– New ideas for social events and outings
– The 2022 Social Committee Budget
– …and more!
We are also hosting a Postdoc Formal/Gala!!!
We will need volunteers to join us and help out with planning all types of events from both small to large. So if you’re interested in helping with events, making friends, and having a great time then join us on Thursday, May 19th from 12-1pm for the SURPAS Social Committee!
The Zoom link and information is below!!! If you have any questions feel free to send them to
With love,
Your SURPAS Social committee