SURPAS Family Committee Parenting and Coffee Event for January

Family event

Our next parenting and coffee event is Thursday, January 12! This is a great event for parents and also for individuals considering starting a family during grad school/postdoc to ask questions and build a parenting community. Babies, kids, and spouses are welcome! This month we will be talking about building a support network. Please RSVP if there’s a chance you’ll make it! (“Maybe” is a perfectly good RSVP.)


When: Thursday, January 12, 12 – 1:30 PM


Where: Alway Courtyard. You can enter the courtyard from Dean’s Lawn/Campus drive/Quarry Rd Ext side of Alway building. You will walk straight into the courtyard from this side without needing to enter the building.


What: Coffee and solid snacks. Informal advice swapping and community building.


Who: These events are targeted toward graduate students and postdocs (of all departments). Generally the conversations are most useful to parents (or parents-to-be) of young children.


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