The 16th episode of the “Better Ally” series


Announcing the sixteenth episode of the “Better Ally” series on Wednesday, November 9, 12-1:30 pm! The theme for our November event is religious minorities.

We will start with a discussion of this article which describes historical discrimination against Jews in college admissions: Details hereWe will then discuss this article discussing the relationship between religion and STEM identity among Latina students: Details hereWe will also discuss this blog post on a Muslim worker asking for a prayer space: Details hereWe will discuss what it means to be an ally to these communities, particularly in higher education.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 9, 12-1:30 pm! WHERE: RSVP here for the Zoom linkWHAT: Better Ally Episode 16: Latinx communityWHO: All non-faculty (Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Staff)

*Stemming out of the Someone Like Me mentoring program, we developed Better Ally with a goal to empower trainees at Stanford with the skills and knowledge to have brave conversations for effective allyship to members of marginalized groups. In the current iteration, we will focus on one marginalized group per month and have a structured conversation around a specific context.