Winter local learning community for Evidence-Based Teaching Course

CIRTL@ Stanford will be offering a local learning community (LLC) to accompany an online course that the CIRTL network will run during the Winter quarter (late January through late March). Participating in this local community will allow you to talk with fellow participants about course content and brainstorm ways to incorporate these ideas into your teaching to complement and solidify what you gain from the course (Advancing Learning through Evidence-Based STEM teaching). Exchanging ideas with colleagues across disciplines brings perspectives that enrich the experience for all. See more information about the online course here.

Previous participants have shared that the LLC helped them to  *   stay on track, providing motivation and accountability for completing the MOOC.  *   meet individuals who are passionate about teaching and becoming more effective teachers.  *   discuss and debrief key ideas from the course and put them into practice.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in the campus-based LLC and indicate whether you might be interested in facilitating (or co-facilitating) one of the sessions.

Questions? Please email Sarah Pickett (