September 2022

Wednesday September 28th, 2022 11:30am-1:00pm

Location: Zoom

Quorum:  14

  • Welcome, Zoom etiquette (2’)
  • Acknowledgement statement (2’)- Antara
  • Introductions and approval of minutes (5’’)

New postdoc introduction: Andrew Barentine; Samyuktha

Approval of minutes from: Rohini, Jade He

  • Updates (10’)
    • NPAW

Thank you to all the volunteers who made NPAW a success!

  • Housing
  • Oak Creek Apartments
    • 1600 Sand Hill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304
  • Costs – unknown
  • Postdocs are first priority
  • Transitional Housing
  • From pilot program → Permanent
  • Email Forwarding

Milad: Any action needed to get email forwarding?

Chinyere: no action needed, check the website for more information

  • Travel grants

  • Recruitment Travel
  • Diversity & Inclusion Conferences
  • Dependent Care at Conferences
  • Recruitment as Service

Carolina Olguin  Jacobson: specific policy?

Chinyere: depending on department

Q: Up to $500 per year or per conference?

Chinyere: possibly per conference, but it’s better to check the website

  • Office of Postdoctoral Affairs presents “Postdoc Teaching Certificate” (50’)
    • Ravenn Gethers

Assistant director of training & diversity, OPA programs team

7-word biography: Black, woman, learner, californian, tall, expat, sports

About me: Business sector; nonprofit sector; higher education sector

The PTC & Postdoctoral training: the PTC is a framework for postdocs to organize and focus their professional development time. Consider ways to organize your other professional development activities/needs similarly; the PTC does not certify you as an excellent teacher. It certifies that you spent 100 hours focused on your art as a teacher.

 PTC Overview: 1)Teaching training (70 hours): comprehensive teaching training workshops and courses that provide a holistic foundation for teaching improvement and/or pedagogical theory; includes at least 6 hours of postdoc journal club. 2) teaching practice (20 hours); you are required to teach at least 5 hours in a classroom. The 5 hours is in-class time and does not include preparation time; each teaching opportunity must include: original course content, teacher … 3) Teaching portfolio (10 hours): after completion of your training and practice, smartsheet will send you an automated email requesting for you to upload your teaching portfolio for review; your portfolio must include a teaching philosophy statement; you may also submit any combination of other portfolio pieces

4) PTC process: 1. Visit the PTC website; 2. Register; 3. Sign up for the postdoc teaching interest mailing list; 4. Visit the OPA event calendar to begin signing up for activities that count towards the PTC; 5. Record each activity using the online recording/reflection form;

 Q1: How long does it take to complete the PTC?

A1: on average, it takes a postdoc 1 year and 10 months to complete the PTC

 Q2: Can we do the training is my postdoc is end soon and don’t have enough time to finish the training before my postdoc training ends

A2: yes! Contact It is possible to finish it after your appointment ends.

 Q3: how can I complete the teaching practice requirements?

A3: 1, visit the teaching practice section of the PTC website for ideas; 2, be sure that you’re subscribed to the PTC mailing list where you’ll receive emails periodically with announcements about upcoming opportunities; 3, consult with your mentor/PI and other contacts in your network.

 Q4: how can I track my progress report?

A4: 2 options: 1) reach out to to request a unique link to your progress report. 2) before submitting each recording/reflection form, click the checkbox at the end and enter your email address so that your completed form is emailed to you.

 Q5: there’s a workshop that I’d like to attend, Is it eligible for teaching training hours?

A5: at least 1 week prior to the workshop, submit an email to with the name and description of the workshop. The OPA staff will review and provide you with feedback within a week.

 Q6: Iam preparing for an upcoming teaching opportunity. Will it meet the teaching practice requirement?

A6:visit the “Teaching Practice” section of the PTC website to view the requirements for teaching practice hours. If you’re still unsure, contact OPA at with a description of the teaching opportunity

 Q7: I recently submitted a recording/reflection form(s) for a MOOC (massive open online course), but my hours were rejected. Can you provide me with the rationale for this?

A7: possible reason: only online recore

 Q8: how to get the confirmation of completion?

A8: within a week of you uploading your teaching portfolio to your smartsheet profile, you will receive a letter of completion. When OPA resumes printing completion certificates, you will be contacted.

If your postdoc appointment ends prior to your receipt of the certificate send your alternate email address.

 Q9: how can I find activities to help me complete the PTC requirements?

A9: 1) visit the OPA event calendar to view upcoming events; 2) review emails you receive from or the PTC mailing list; 3) visit the PTC website for ideas/examples; 4) CIRTL@ stanford workshops/events/courses; 5) stanford center for teaching & learning workshops/events/courses; 6) activities offered online by other institutions; 7) SURPAS teaching and outreach committee chairs; 8) and more!

 Q10: for further questions

A10: send an email to; Ravenn Gethers


Teaching practice opportunity for postdocs in the biomedical science disciplines

More information about mini courses:

 For more information about the CIRTL @ Stanford Teaching certificate program, or contact Jamie Imam


Tim: adjunctification of university, postdocs, adjunct role experience?

Ravenn: there are less tenure roles, more adjunct roles. Treat the experience as learning experience. What postdocs are seeking is a tenure role. Take advantages of stanford and try to get a tenure track position. Some of the adjunct roles are hard to make a living

 Tim: UCLA

 Tim’s experience on a mini course which they built together with a teaching team of grad students and postdocs this past spring and it was great,%20Ethics,%20and%20Society&academicYear=20212022

  • Council Member Elections/Renewals (5’)
    • Milad Bakhshizadeh
    • Postdoc in Statistics department (since 2021)
    • Previous experience: Event officer at ISA at UC Davis
    • Ideas to work on if join SURPAS
      • Iranian affiliates concerns
      • Remote postdocs issues

Voted in: 14 yes, 1 no

  • Bylaw voting (5’)
    • Addition to Financial Officer’s responsibility

Add “All monthly financial transactions shall be completed within SURPAS for each month prior to the 1st of the next month”.

 Voted in: 14 yes, 1 no

  • Upcoming events (5’)
    • Join Stanford Medicine Alliance for Disability Inclusion and Equity
  • JEDI Committee
    • 15th episode of the “Better Ally” series
    • Date: Thursday, October 6, 12-1:30pm!
    • Location: zoom
  • SURPAS October Happy Hour
    • Date: October 13th
    • Time: 4 pm – 7 pm
    • Location: Tentative LKSC herb garden (we will keep up updated)
  • SURPAS/OPA Meeting
    • Date: October 18th at 3 pm on zoom
  • October Council Meeting
    • October 27th, 2022
    • Zoom at 11:30 am – 1 pm