Encino Man NightLife

On May 26 2016,

The SURPAS Teaching and Outreach committee with Rosi Fegal, Katharine Grabek, Saumyaa Saumyaa, Rupa Lalchandani, and Lori Ling volunteered at Nightlife @ Cal Academy for the theme of 90’s Night.

Dr. Fregal and Dr. Grabek, from the Stanford Department of Genetics, created a demo about Ötzi the iceman and ancient DNA, and they related it to the ‘90’s movie “Encino Man”. The demo crew let attendees try on special gear that must be worn to extract ancient DNA, tested their knowledge about the location of the DNA-yielding petrous bone, and explained how genomes get sequenced on high-throughput sequencing chips. For extra fun, visitors were able to give themselves “iceman” tattoos.

SURPAS Teaching and Outreach committee at Cal Academy