Have you filled out your affordability survey yet?

"Share your input" poster

Tell Stanford how you’re living now so we can make it better in the future!

Dig out that email from stanfordaffordability@mercer.com, ASAP! But really, do it before FEB 15 (extended deadline)!!!!

We cannot overemphasize how important responses from postdocs (you!) are for Stanford to hear our specific Bay Area living pains!

Stanford’s request for survey responses is meant to prioritize the most pressing issues that should be tackled first. The affordability crisis has been one of SURPAS’ most important priorities as we advocate for postdocs at Stanford and without your participation, we risk being swept to the wayside. We encourage every postdoc to take a few minutes to respond to the survey. Your participation will make a big difference in our mission to improve the lives of postdocs on campus.

What this type of initiative has given us:

  • Increase in minimum pay.
  • Caltrain pass.

What it may lead to: – More raises! – Housing support – Childcare – etc…