FY22 Postdoc Salary Posted

Sharing news from the Postdoc Affairs

“The Provost has approved the FY22 salary.

Effective 9/1/21, the postdoc minimum will be: $65,568. Note that this minimum is applicable to all postdocs within the 5 year term limit.

Postdocs who are granted an exception to the term limit for a 6th year will be paid at a rate 2% above the minimum.

Effective 9/1/21 the rate for trainees in their 6th year is $66,888.

Reminder: Postdocs may be paid above the minimum. However, pay cannot be front-loaded (e.g. paid above minimum for 2 months and below minimum for 1 month) or otherwise manipulated such that any single pay period, when annualized, comes to less than the annual minimum.

Payroll requirement for postdocs currently out of state

Postdocs who are choosing to shelter in place outside of California should submit an Out-of-State Employee Approval Form. Departments must notify Payroll of the employee’s return to work in California by emailing payroll@stanford.edu. Please submit this notification prior to the end of the pay period during which the employee returns. The out of state fees will be waived for out-of-state work at this time; however, fees will be applied if the postdoc continues to work out of CA after the shelter in place order has ended. More info about out-of-state workers can be found here.

Requirement for postdocs currently out of the country

Until further notice, this form should be completed in the following circumstances:

  • When an existing postdoc wants to continue/finish their postdoc appointment overseas
  • When a new postdoc wants to start their postdoc appointment overseas

We have attempted to make this form as simple as possible, and we do NOT require any signatures, although Dean’s approval is requested. We will add to the FAQ page as questions about it are received.
The FAQs and form are found here: https://postdocs.stanford.edu/overseas-postdocs-form-and-faqs


Sofie Kleppner”