2021/22 Stanford Postdoctoral Benefits Survey

We would like your opinions

Dear fellow postdocs,

As part of SURPAS efforts to advocate for the Stanford Postdoctoral Community, we invite you to complete the 2021/22 Stanford Postdoctoral Benefits Survey – link.

We kindly request your participation. Your responses to this survey will help capture current attitudes and inform future advocacy initiatives, specific to postdocs.

This survey is focused on key postdoctoral issues:

  • Quality of the financial benefits
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Food security

Participation in the survey is voluntary, all questions are optional, and we request that you use your Stanford.edu email address for security. Responses are de-identified (email addresses will not be collected). Responses will be analyzed by independent data stewards and individual responses will only be accessible to the SURPAS leadership team.

This survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. For this survey to have impact, it must meet rigorous methodological criteria, like the high standards you use in your own research.

Please note that our ability to convince University officials that the survey results accurately represent the views of the population of Stanford postdocs is dependent on your active participation. Even if you don’t plan to be a postdoc for another year, the issues we face are real and the University officials learning about these issues will help in-coming postdocs as well.

If you are having issues logging in, click on “Learn More” -> “Sign in”.

For questions and/or concerns regarding the survey, please contact surpasleadership@stanford.edu

We thank you very much for your time.



Chinyere Agbaegbu Iweka, SURPAS Co-chair

& SURPAS Leadership Team