Call for nominations: Stanford Postdoc JEDI Awards – due 7/10/22

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs invites postdocs, faculty, staff, and students to nominate current Stanford postdoctoral scholars for the second Stanford Postdoc JEDI Awards through Sunday, July 10, 2022.

These awards acknowledge the contributions of current Stanford postdoctoral scholars that enhance and support Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion within the Stanford University community and beyond.

Examples include:

  • Exceptional mentoring of or outreach to those whose background, experience, and interests contribute to diversity in academia;
  • Demonstrated passion, commitment, and service for initiatives, committees, or other efforts to advance a more just, equitable, and inclusive environment at Stanford;

  • Development of curricular and/or research projects on topics focusing on peoples’ identities, origins and cultures that enrich academia in novel ways; and

  • Development or enhancement of activities that build community within and among diverse groups of postdocs, students, staff, and faculty.

NOMINATIONS: Nominations require the nominee’s name, email address, and a short statement outlining the activities and impact of the nominee’s efforts in the justice, equity, diversity (broadly defined), and inclusion space. If possible, please include relevant details: what (activities, organizations, committees, etc.), when, who was impacted, and why this postdoc’s contributions deserve recognition. Nominations should focus on activities and efforts during the 2021-22 academic year. Nominations may be submitted via this form.

WHO MAY NOMINATE:  Any member of the Stanford community may submit a nomination, including postdoctoral scholars, students, faculty, or staff. Multiple submissions from the same person are allowed. Self-nominations will not be considered.

WHO MAY BE NOMINATED: This award is only available to postdoctoral scholars at Stanford University.

WHEN AND HOW TO NOMINATE:  The nominating period for the 2022 Stanford Postdoc JEDI Champion Awards is June 13th, 2022 to midnight July 10th, 2022. Nominations may be submitted via this form.