Open SURPAS leadership positions

Leadership experience

Are you interested in joining our SURPAS leadership team?

Why? Joining the SURPAS leadership team is a wonderful opportunity not only to hone leadership and communication skills but also to learn more about the academic system. Consider nominating yourself for one or more leadership positions.

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*New listing* SURPAS Postdoctoral Symposium Co-Chair:

Are you looking to add Management and leadership experience to your CV but are on a time-crunch? This position is for you. The Symposium Co-Chair leads the planning of the annual Stanford Postdoc Symposium, a campus-wide event with invited speakers, professional development sessions, and/or research talks. Some topics in the past have included scientific communication, project management, and mental health in science. It has been held both virtually and in-person. You are responsible for recruiting/leading the Symposium Committee and making executive decisions in symposium planning.

Time commitment: ~1-2 hours/week , for a couple of months.


Events Coordinator:  Want to add networking ,communication and creative problem solving to your repertoire of skills? We have you covered. As an Events coordinator, you will oversee coordinating all the SURPAS committees/associations’ events and maintain the common calendar. You will be the point of contact if they need help in the organization of an event and act as a liaison with the OPA or other institutions for bigger events. It is a great opportunity to meet a lot of people at Stanford or at other universities. You also get a chance to participate at the leadership meetings and learn a lot about what is going on at Stanford! Time commitment: 1-2 hours/week ; 20hrs + during NPAW (one week per year only).


Social Media Manager: If Branding and Marketing is your forte, then come join us! The Social Media Manager and Webmaster oversees SURPAS’ online presence. You will manage our online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our website. As the ‘face’ of SURPAS , your role is to keep everyone at Stanford and the outside world apprised of SURPAS’ activities and achievements. You will be the welcoming first point of contact for new arrivals to Stanford. Experience with managing social media is not required, nor is any coding experience. Time commitment: 2-4 hours/week.