Housing and Transportation

About Us

The Housing and Transportation committee was created to collect information, raise awareness, and find solutions to housing and commuting issues that affect the Stanford postdoctoral community.

Why It Matters?

Housing is arguably a large portion of any postdoc budget. It is important to assess major issues, identify inequalities, and find solutions that improve the quality of life of postdocs.

Commuting is a well-known issue in the Bay Area. Commuting issues are closely related to housing situation, since a number of postdocs choose to live further from campus to find more affordable housing. See for example the difference in real estate between Palo Alto and surrounding areas here.

Caltrain locomotiveGoPass for Posdocs

Thanks to the work of this committee and other groups at Stanford, the GoPass Pilot program has been set up. It started in 2014, and is now available to eligible postdocs until 2019. It provides postdocs living outside of campus unlimited and free access to the Caltrain. More information, please visit here.

What are We Working on?

  • Collecting data on the housing and transportation situation of the postdoc community.
  • See the Housing & Transportation Survey results
  • Collecting data to sustain the GoPass program beyond 2019.
  • Providing information on postdoc housing and transportation issues (e.g. for labs to share with incoming postdocs).
  • Evaluating options to extend the transportation benefits beyond Caltrain (e.g. VTA) and to non-Stanford affiliated postdocs (e.g. Stanford Hospital, SLAC).

SURPAS Housing and Transportation Committee


Xiaoyu Chen

Andrew Eric Sharp Barentine