The SURPAS Social Committee is hosting a Postdoc palooza: Potluck and Social for Postdocs on May 6th at the Black Community Services Center on Campus. For details and to register, visit the event webpage here!

About Us

Social Committee Chair: Nate Johnson


The SURPAS Social Committee exists to foster a social life for postdocs here at Stanford. We help organize and plan a wide range of events from happy hours, to BBQs, to events around the Bay Area, and even a yearly postdoc prom. The Stanford postdoc community works long hours in the lab or at their desk churning out world-class research. The Social Committee exists to help them relax, socialize with their peers, and make some long-lasting memories for their time here at Stanford.

Why it matters?

  • Stanford has a community of over 2,400 postdocs
  • The postdoc community is spread over many, many different departments and laboratories
  • The Social Committee helps bring this diverse community of researchers together, deepening our connection to Stanford and one another
  • Because social events are fun!

What are we working on?

  • More BBQs and Happy Hours each month
  • Coffee meetups and socials
  • Postdoc events around the Bay Area
  • Postdoc prom!

How can I get involved?

The social committee is supported by postdocs who volunteer their time. We need volunteers to plan, organize, and host the events that they want to happen! If you have an idea we can help make it reality. There are a lot of postdocs and a lot of events that are possible – all that we need are people to volunteer their time. Reach out to the social committee today and get involved!

You can find out more about social events already happening by joining the SURPAS mailing list