Career Resources

Hello Postdocs, please see below for some career resources at Stanford that could help your journey of career development.

Postdoc Training

    1. Complete your Individual Development Plan (IDP): “The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a way to explore and define training goals, professional development needs, and career objectives with your sponsor. It guides you to reflect on where you are and where you would like to be, and defines specific actions for goal achievement.”
    2. Grant Writing Academy: “We coach graduate and postdoctoral trainees in developing and articulating research strategies to tackle important scientific questions.”
    3. Explore Fellowships at Stanford.
    4. Explore Postdoc Programs for personal and professional development.
    5. Stanford Teaching Certificate Program
    6. Transition into Instructor Positions.
      • Resources coming soon.

Career Exploration & Coaching

    1. Stanford BEAM (Stanford Career Education): “BEAM, Stanford Career Education prepares students and recent alumni to pursue and secure fulfilling careers. Members of our team are here to support your success. We provide career coaching, facilitate career programs, teach courses, and partner with our valued on-campus collaborators to provide comprehensive career education for students and alumni.”
    2. BioSci Careers: “BioSci Careers creates a community of mentors to support the academic advancement, professional development, and career-of-choice decisions of our graduates, medical students and postdoctoral fellows. Through individualized counseling, curriculum and connections, our faculty, alumni and employers teach through their real-life stories and empower trainees to define and tell their own.”
    3. Stanford ADC Consulting Club: “The ADC Consulting Club provides support for careers in consulting, specifically serving Advanced Degree Candidates (MDs, PhDs/Postdocs, JDs) at Stanford. The club organizes events with firms and provides training and networking opportunities.”
    4. Stanford Ignite: “Acquire the business fundamentals and the hands-on experience needed to turn your ideas into ventures in an eight-week, part-time program.”
    5. Stanford Biotech Group (SBG): “SBG hosts and organizes diverse events that nurture and leverage Stanford’s intimate relationship with the biotech ecosystem in the Bay Area and beyond.”