International Postdoc Resources

If you are an international postdoc who wants to know more about their travel, visa or any other immigration related issues, please check out some resources below.

  1. Bechtel International Center
    Specifically, email People who specifically serve international postdocs will respond to you (usually in 1-2 days). You can then schedule appointments with them.
  2. Information about Visas
    Available to postdocs: J1, H1B, F1 OPT, J1 for PAVIR
  3. Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA)
    Reach out to them for general guidance regarding resources or visa options. Note that OPA cannot provide legal advice.
    More than half of us are international, so reach out via our channels for experience sharing, guidance, and commiseration.

A note about working with departmental admins on international or visa-related issues: An admin in your department will likely need to process your visa related materials. While willing to help, admins don’t always receive the necessary training or newest guidance on how to handle international-related issues. Please make sure you inform yourself and check everything with Bechtel in order to avoid potential added financial, emotional, and logistical burdens.