Mailing Lists and Slack

Mailing Lists

SURPAS Announcements – This list is for official SURPAS communication. announcements, event reminders, etc.

Postdoc Exchange – Reagents, moving sales, etc. Buy, sell, and trade among your fellow postdocs.

Slack Groups for Postdocs

Stanford Groups

General SURPAS Slack


Someone Like Me Mentoring Workspace


A supportive community for postdocs and graduate students from underrepresented groups, needs, and interests. Conduct standards agreement and invite link.

Other Useful Communities

Future PI Slack

A slack workspace for Grad students and postdocs working towards an academic career, support and information on funding, job openings and interviews, peer review groups in application season. Request access here.

International Scholars in US

A community for international scholars based in the USA offering advice and support on international academic life. Invite link here.